embedded^cl has developped this tiny dhcp server, mainly to provide support for our embedded devices. Is a functional dhcp server but is still in heavy development. Currently we are looking volunteers. We provide this software under the GPL license so anybody can use it. Current supported features:

  • Configuration of devices without default values

To download this software visit here.

To submit patches, questions and other things about dhcptool user our mail list: dhcptool-users@lists.sourceforge.net.

To questions relative to embedded^cl please do it to: info@embedded.cl

This is a screenshot of the Configuration Tool. It works under Unix/MacOS/Windows. THe GUI will be available GPL very soon, we are finishing some details.

Andean instruments is one of our customers, if you want to know more about them visit http://www.smart-transmitters.com

Remember, to make this software available under GPL license we did a big effort, so be sure to agree the terms of the license.

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